Holistic Pet Day

For those of you who do not know, Thursday, August 30 is Holistic Pet Day.  This day is not just a celebration but also a day of making commitments to giving our pets natural solutions for healthy living.  I Recently read a great article on ten ways to clebrate Holistic Pet Day, on halo pets.com. Here is the link to the article by Dr Donna Spector ,http://www.halopets.com/holisticpetday/

I want to focus on the two ways that I make the commitment to my pet to give him the best natural options for a healthier life.  Int he afore mentioned article, numbers 9 and 10 are the two ways I think are some of the most important things all pet parents can do to enhance their pets quality of life. Use natural grooming products, and attempt to live chemical free.  By adopting these two ideas we create a cleaner environment  not just around our pets but by what we cleanse them with.  This is a large reason  I decided to utilize Earth’s Balance Pet Products for my grooming and first aid support needs.  I choose to use these products not because of the name or who may endorse the product, but because of the ingredients  in each of the products and the idea of using holistic natural solutions for my pet needs.

Like many consumers, I like to know what I am buying and dig deeper to obtain a full understanding of each and every item.  Thanks to the power of the internet  this is easier than ever.  I’ve done my homework on the Earth’s Balance line and this is what Ive found.  Earth’s Balance products utilize electrolyzed oxidizing water as a main ingredient which is actually more a lot more effective and powerful than most people realize.  Essentially this is water that has been restructured with electricity changing the ORP (oxidation reduction potential).  This now mean the water has become acidic and  lacks electrons.  This solution now has the ability to destroy bacteria and harmful micro organisms by robbing  them of their electrons, killing them within seconds!   This is why I keep a bottle of Canine Solutions in my pet supplies box.  I have an outdoor dog who get cut up all the time and this gives me peace of mind to know he will be ok from bacteria.   According to my research, Electrolyzed oxidizing water has been used  extensively in the orient over the last quater century and is only now becoming more readily available due to efficient  processing.    Like I said, the base ingredient in Earth’s Balance line of grooming and first aid support is this incredible ingredient. Each product then varies with other organic solutions depending on which pet problem it targets, itching, dandruff, open wounds and even lawn burns.


This is how I’ve have made a commitment to my pet to give hime a holistic and chemical free life buy utilizing Earth’s Balance.  In the spirit of Holistic pet day I encourage you to make the same commitment  to your pet, because they are worth it!

Happy Holistic Pet Day Everyone.

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Monday Morning Humor Videos

Hey, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I sure did. Now that it is back to Monday morning it is once again to get started on the right paw for the week by giving you some videos to watch.


1) Dogs doing funny things Uploaded by skyline3123 on October 30, 2008 and currently has 195,087 views.  This compilation of clips featuring mans best friend as his funniest really made me laugh.


Favorite clips in the video were

1) the very first one of the little dog peeing on the big dog.

2) At 49 seconds of the dog going air born jumping off the slide then knocking the kid over

3) The Very last clip of the big dog knocking the kid into the flooded yard.




Ft86tt uploaded this insane video on May 12, 2011 with well over 1 million views and may very well be on of the most shocking videos I’ve ever seen.  I’ve scared my share or rabbits  out from under bushes and such over the years however; what happens in this video is quite  incredible.

3 Things

1) Why the rabbit chose a garbage bag to hid in I have no idea.

2) This gives a new meaning to getting the crap scared out of you.

3) No need to scream girls it won’t hurt you.


Final video of the morning come from   on Nov 3, 2009 Best of’ clips for BBC Walk on the Wild Side.  featuring animal clips with voice overs.

Favorite clips

1) At 30 seconds the chipmunk beat boxing, am I the only one who has ever pictured this before?

2)The following clips of the monkeys and how the mother monkey chucks the little one.

3)At 1:45 seconds, we may all have seen this clip somewhere but is funny every time.

4) I burst out laughing during the meercat video listen for the zipper

5) Eagles, they look like every college kid during finals week


Hope you hada good laugh, now dont get caught by your boss.


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Friday, My Take- The L.A. Commercial Pet Ban

My take on the L.A. Commercial Ban.


Tuesday, the city council committee of Los Angeles approved a proposed ordinance which make sit illegal to buy commercially bred pets from pet stores. ( This proposal will now go in front of the full council)  According to the committee , dogs, cats and rabbits will no longer be allowed to be sold from commercial breeders.  Only dogs, cats and rabbits sold for profit will be able to come from shelters or humane society.   Advocates of the ordinance say the need for the ban is two fold.  First they claim the mistreatment of animals kept behind the glass at pet shops. Secondly, they are concerned due to the number of animals at shelters that cannot find home and unfortunately have to be put down.  Tens of thousands of dogs and cats have to be put down every year dude to over crowding  in shelters.  The goal of this ordinance is to shift the demand for pets from the stores to the shelters in order to help deserving animals find a home. Pet stores in the L.A. area would have to show proof that the animals that are for sale in their shops are coming from shelters and not commercial breeders.  This rule has not been passed by the full council.


My Take


The idea is understandable, it makes sense on the part of  alleviating pressure on shelters.  Taking animals that are just sitting there and giving them a better chance to find homes, and lowering the rate of animals that have to be put down.  that makes sense, on paper.  Where I see this being a problem is with actual consumers.  Consumers that want to buy a purebred animal will just buy online, through a local breeder or even go to a different county to make their purchase.  Some consumers may like the idea of buying a shelter animal others may not. Ive seen a lot of times that the consumer wants to know the health and genetic back ground of an animal especially in dogs.  People looking for this information may be wary of buying an animal from a shelter.  In addition I see this as potentially harmful for commercial breeders.  This is probably not the worst thing to happen in the world but it will impede commerce for sure.


The idea behind this ordinance like many things looks good on paper, however like everything, only time will tell if there is a long term benefit.


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Good Mews! Responsible Cat Litter

Finally, there is Good Mews for cats!


Part of owning a pet is responsibility right? Responsibility to ensure their health and safety to enjoy a  long and happy life. In addition I find responsibility in taking care of the earth on which they traverse.  I always look for earth friendly products because of this desire to be a responsible steward of not just my pet but also our planet.  With this in mind I’d like to show case a new cat product which is not only highly effective  but is also environmentally responsible.


Earth’s Balance Pet Products now offer a clean, simple and environmentally responsible   solution for cat litter, Good Mews.  Good Mews  cat litter is made from recycled paper gathered from recycling sites all over the country, and pelletized into highly absorbent litter.  Just knowing that Good Mews is first off made from a recycled bi-product peaks my interest as a steward of the land.  I love seeing these  kind of products available to consumers. Ok so great, its environmentally friendly but does it preform? Is it effective enough to absorb moisture and tough odors from cats?  Due to the construction of the litter pellets  and its compacted paper fibers, Good Mews is able to hold up to four times the moisture than other traditional cat litters such as clay.   The paper fibers expand, trapping  and holding the disgusting odors from cat waste.    Good Mews is extremely easy to scoop and is by far less messy than other leading cat litters.


Good Mews is an excellent choice for both kittens and cats and is available  in 10 and 22 pound bags.  Experience the premium quality difference of recycled paper pellet  cat litter by  utilizing Good Mews in your home.    Good Mews, responsible for your pet, responsible for the earth.

Good Mews can Be purchased in stores or through various online retailers



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Poopy Pooch

Messy pets are something that bring us together as pet owners. We can share in our misery and enjoy a good laugh together about those experiences with their pet where they just destroy something or make a total mess.  I’ve seen pictures of destroyed couches,, drywall, pillows clothing, poop messes, you name it.  Here are two of my most fond pet mess memories.

We brought my puppy murphy home on saint Patricks day back in 2006.  We were thrilled to have such a cute little critter now living with us. Not wanting to leave murphy all alone his first night, my bother and I volunteered to stay up and sleep near the crate.  My father gave us specific instructions to take him out to go tot the bathroom every two hours or so. We were doing well until about 2:30 in the morning when we  both fell asleep.  When murphy stated barking again, my brain shut him out. I tried hard to stay asleep until suddenly it hit me.  Slightly panicked I jumped off the couch ran into the next room only to be hit by an invisible wall of smell.  Stooping low to look into the small crate I saw exactly what I had been hoping to avoid, poop.  I walked back to my brother and said, “Hey, the kid had a stinky, go clean it up.”   Why my brother just got up and actually cleaned up the mess with out an argument around three in the morning, is still a mystery.  Now this poop was not just any poop, it was not solid, it was an explosive mess smeared all over the new crate and bedding.  My brother had a camera and snapped this picture which he used to guilt me into things for a while afterward.

Our little poop monster wasn’t done there however.  a few months later, murphy had grown  yet was still a size he could fit into  small areas.  Since he was still small and cute  we would let him run around the kitchen freely.  This was our down fall. Several months later while my dad and I where cleaning the baseboards of the kitchen we made a startling discovery.  Underneath our kitchen table was a small area where two bench seats connect however leaving a small opening.  i am not really sure how long that poop had been sitting there but it must have been several months considering how petrified it was.  Dad and I sat back in amazement  laughing, all that time right under where we ate dinner and we had no idea.

So tell me, what is the worst mess your pet has ever made? I want to hear about them, I know there are some good stories out there.

Product profile-   180XT

Extracts – Stains odors, pheromones in 3 minutes with moleculift. Check out the link for more information


Random Thoughts About Horses

How many of you have ridden horse? I have ridden while visiting several national parks.      Horses are incredible, a mixture of power and beauty, one must respect the animal but at the same time not be afraid  or they will dominate you.   Its interesting to look at those involved int he horse world,it is an entire culture within itself.  I once worked on a conservation crew out in california for a  month. In that month of rebuilding trails, we worked directly above a horse barn.  Everyday we watched as dozens of riders and trainers worked tirelessly to perfect their skills and grow the relationship with their animals.  Although the warm california temperatures made the place smell to high heavens, it was easily looked past as these majestic creatures trotted around the arena.    Once a horse got loose, walked through our campsite and used it as his bathroom.

I understand how people can so easily  fall in love with these creatures.  Each animal has its own personality which makes the owning experience that much more unique. I have some friends who actually just bought a stable in my home town, and I have several friends who study in the equestrian program at my school.  If I ever live out west on a ranch I’ll definitely own horses, a symbol of power, grace and freedom.





Todays product profile is related to horse care.

Stench Drench from Earth’s Balance is a powerful concentrate solution  which eliminates odors from stalls, and breaks down fecal matter.  Stench Drench is a natural based solution not an enzyme base, yet still has the power to knock out powerful odors.


Nipped him in the butt- Monday Morning humor

Ever seen a guy in a suit run in terror? I have, happened about six years ago when my puppy murphy was about three months old.  Even at three months old, Murphy had already grown to a formidable size and had developed two very distinct behaviors.  1) This yard is MY territory, and 2) No one gets near my family without my permission.  THis may be due to the fact that murphy was the boss of his liter, he was by far the biggest and strongest by far. His broad shoulders and stocky head, he looked like a small tank when we picked him out, I am not really sure why we picked him.  Regardless; I remember the day murphy became known as, the butt biter.  An early april day brought enjoyable mild weather opening up the opportunity to be outside after a very brutal winter.  People where coming out of their houses like fleas on an untreated dog, they where everywhere.  This also brought the arrival of street preachers walking up and down my road stoping at every house to have a little chat.  I do not remember if the two young men who knocked on our front door were Mormons or Jehova’s Whiteness, all I remember is that they were sporting some sweet looking suits.  There are two main entrances to my house, one is more decorative  with a stone walkway  which  we only use during family gatherings and holidays, the other is on the side of house which we use normally.  The loud cranky buzz of an outdated doorbell sounded through the house to which my mother promptly answered.  After talking with the two young gentlemen for a few minutes, they said their goodbyes and began walking down the driveway.  My mom turned to me with a look of horror,  “Where is the dog?”.   I had just began to wonder that myself when a black streak flew past window barking.  “Go get Murphy!” My mom yelled. It was too late.  The two young guys where trying desperately to run to the end of the drive way despite how awkward it must had felt being in suits.  Time seemed to slow down as Murphy closed in on the “intruders”  and nipped one right in the butt.  Mom opened the door to ask if the guy was ok, Murphy continued to bark, I was rolling on the ground out of breath I was laughing so hard.  Since then, we have never had any other street preachers come to our house ever.   I hope this wont effect my soul when I die.

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Thursdays featured re-blog/ guest writer(yea I know its only Wednesday afternoon but whatever) comes from Michigan Dog Trainer. I have been following this blog and I truely appreicate the vast knowledge and information of this blog. This post ” 12 Tips for Dog Bite Prevention” is something near and dear to my heart. This post is excellent, and is one every owner should read.
The Murphy Report


dog aggression, dog bite“Every year, more than 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs, with more than half of all victims younger than age 14,” according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.   Many children are bitten in the face when they try to pull the dog’s face to their face to kiss them. The dog instinctively pulls back as an opposition reflex or bites the face to make the child go away.  Other bite situations may occur when the dog attempts to obtain or retain a resource such as food or a toy or when the the dog feels threatened.  Below are some dog bite prevention tips.

  1. Select a puppy or dog that will be a good match for your family, especially for your children. Learn about breed characteristics including it’s normal activity level.
  2. If selecting a puppy from a reputable breeder, visit the pup’s parents and learn about their health and…

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Bandit Treats Review.

Today’s  review really takes me back to some fond memories.  As some of you may know, I have owned ferrets periodically throughout my life.  Their friendship, loyalty, and playfulness are more than enough for your daily cuteness overload.  I would spend countless hours romping around with them or just have them curled up in a ball on my lap sleeping as I watched TV.  These little critters are an absolute blast and I loved to reward their good behavior with treats a few times per day.

Bandit Treats by Marshalls were a favorite of my ferrets throughout the years.  Semi moist morsels high in fresh protein   and low in sugar made great rewards and healthy snacks.  The Bandit treat line has six different flavors: Original Chicken, Banana, Crunchy Tartar Control, Raisin, Meaty Bacon, and Peanut Butter.  Every ferret has their preference; my ferrets always loved the Meaty Bacon and Original Chicken   flavors perhaps because of their carnivorous instincts.  Anytime I shook the small treat pouches, my little balls of furry energy would quickly come running from any direction looking for the delectable treats.

In addition to being a great source of nutrition, I’d like to give some quick attention to the Tartar control treats.  These treats are really a three in one super combo.  A tasty treat, great nutrition and dental hygiene all in one treat. This treat is a great way to care for the health of your ferrets teeth.  I utilized the Crunchy Tartar Control Treats often.  They gave me a peace of mind that my ferret’s teeth were being taken care of properly.

I highly recommend these treats for all ferrets’ owners.  You don’t need to worry about what ferrets can and can’t have.  Ferrets adore these treats and are completely safe. Anyone that owns ferrets or is a new owner need to consider adding these treats to your daily feeding routine.

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Monday Humor August 6th,2012

Hey, start the week right and laugh a bit.  Here are a few animal/pet videos and my thoughts about them.

Uploaded by One World One Ocean on May 23,2012 with 358,637 views as of this morning. The laziest polar bear ever, reminds me of my uncle Phil.

3 things come  to mind.

1)      Is he having food coma from a seal he just ate?

2)      Shouldn’t he be eating or chasing the camera crew

3)      Where is the cola?


Cat regrets getting  into tub  uploaded by TheMrhero003 on Dec 20, 2011 and has 645,771 as of this morning.

So apparently this cat go curious and decided to test the water, its reaction made me laugh.

3 Things.

1)      I love at about 15 seconds the cat realizes his mistake

2)      Reminds me of a cartoon character trying to run

3)      This cat will never set foot again in that bathroom


Finally my favorite  video of the day involves poop, really immature I know…

Uploaded by brycehun on Oct 10, 2010, this video  has 4,655,236 views.

Setting, the Toronto zoo at the hippo exhibit

5 Things.

1)      I love how everyone reacts.

2)      Impressive evolutionary development with use of the tail.

3)      Why do things like this make us laugh?

4)      Do animals laugh at us if they catch us “in the act”

5)      I wish I could add fart sound waves to this video.




I hope you at least chuckled and this made your day a bit brighter.

Now get back to work before your boss sees you.

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