This weeks featured guest is comes from Marine wife  Eden, and her Top 5 Doggie-proof Products.  Be sure to check her site out.

A Cord of 3 Strands

I don’t have much of anything profound to say today. I’ve just been enjoying this past weekend with Mitch and our two border collie girls 🙂

having a border collie is a lot of work and requires enormous amounts of energy on the part of the owner, and immense patience with their active, and at times mischievous little minds. That being said, we have TWO! Anyway, since there’s not a lot in the way of deep and philosophical thinking today, I thought I’d do a product rating of my top 5 favorite doggie products for all of you pet owners in celebration of the love we have for our fuzziest family members. This is in no particular order, and these items are in my top 5 because of their durability, affordability, and likability, according to Anna and Cyd.

1.) Penn Tennis balls: Now I know most of you will say that…

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  1. Eden says:

    Thank you for the reblog! 🙂

  2. fredcredible says:

    One of my first dogs was a Border Collie. They are so very smart and loyal. I bet they shed like crazy! I suggest you try a Doggyhairnet. They work great on controlling shedding hair. Please do not consider this as advertising. I was reading your blogs and when I saw that you had Border Collies, I imagined the shedding hair.

    • No way man, actually I checked out your site and product and think its pretty neat, perfect for people with indoor dogs in small places. I do product reviews for small fees and would be willing to review your product.

      • fredcredible says:

        I have been fortunate to have request from people that wanted to do product reviews of the DoggyHairNet. You can check them out on my site and I think that’s the right address.
        I would be interested in your fee and the audience you reach.

        Thanks again for your great comments J. Hale.

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