The Murphy Report is named in honor of my six year old black lab named Murphy.  Murphy was the largest in his litter when we picked him out six years ago, we chose him because  my family wanted a  strong, bold, adventurous dog.  That is what we got, and a little extra.  Murphy has given us a run for our money, trying our patience and mercy.   He has gotten himself in trouble many times by peeing on various house hold items, raiding the garbage, and chasing sidewalk preachers down the drive way to mention a few.  Never the less, I love this dog.  I truly understand the saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend.”   Regardless if we are hiking through the woods, swimming at the lake or just lounging around at home,  I can feel the love radiating from underneath his aggressive image.

Animals have been part of humans lives since the beginning of time.  This blog is dedicated to capturing the humor, bravery, loyalty and the emotions of animal human interaction.

Welcome to the adventure.



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