180 XT Review.

A critical part of The Murphy Report is product reviews.  I review pet products from the entire spectrum, health, wellness, food, toys, pet services, etc.  My goal is to inform readers about products and services best for your pet and household.  With this in mind, I am excited to be able to review my first product ever on The Murphy Report.   The friendly staff at Earth’s Balance Pet Products so kindly supplied me a bottle of their brand new Stain, Odor, and Pheromone remover called, 180XT about a year ago.  Since then I have had lots of time to get to know and understand the features, advantages and benefits of this product.

Any pet parent who allows their pets to frequent the inside of their homes will easily be able to identify with what I am about to say. Pet urine stinks and stains.  For some reason, your pets feel like they need to stake their claim to the inside of your house when you’re not looking. Maybe they are getting even with you over something or maybe it’s just their way of saying, I love you.  Either way, pet urine accidents make even the most seasoned pet parent shake their heads in disgust.   For those living in homes in which you are in close quarters with your pet, accidents are bound to happen.  Pet urine accidents can ruin carpeting and other surfaces, not to mention how the odor torments your olfactory senses.  Despite your best efforts to clean and get rid of pet stain and odors, your pet may even return to previous markings following the pheromones to “freshen up” their claim.  The viscous circle of chasing pet odors can seriously drive a person crazy.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  My black lab made the two support poles in my basement part of his domain and refreshed that claim over several years.  The odor became so retched that I began having a difficult time spending any time in the basement, which subsequently was where my TV and gaming systems resided.  Fortunately the carpeting in the basement is a dark shade therefore hiding several years of stains.  However; despite our best efforts to clean and get rid of the smell, the urine was still encrusted into the fibers of the carpeting.  Enter the Moleculift power of 180XT.   I was at my wits end with the smell when I first used 180XT, but to say that it surpassed my wildest expectations is an understatement.  Just for fun, I used a white towel to soak up the urine just to see if this 180XT really could “lift” the stain and odors out.  In a matter of minutes, all the old urine was extracted from the carpet turning the white towel completely yellow.  I really wish I had taken a picture of that towel, it was mind blowing.  Now, not only did 180XT lift the stain and odor from the carpet, but it has the ability to do something more that helps correct accident problems with pets. Unlike competitors, 180XT is also a pheromone remover.  Due to this, my dog can no longer find where he used to pee.  That was a huge added bonus I was not expecting.   To this day I keep a bottle of 180XT close at hand just in case.  Since that incredible day of epiphany, I no longer panic over stains and odors because I know they no longer stand a chance.

How does 180XT work?

180XT is a non-enzymatic powerful concentrate that soaks to the base of the urine stain extracting the urine at the source.  The proprietary contents of 180XT are attracted to the acidity in pet urine, bind the stain, odor and pheromones, then, are lifted when you apply pressure with a towel.  This incredible formula works well on nearly all surfaces including, upholstery, carpeting, multiple surfaces and most fabrics.  Now lifting the stains and odors from surfaces is a great feature, but what should not be over looked is its ability to lift pheromones.  In my opinion, this is the most important feature of 180XT.  Pets relocate their marking spots through the pheromones in their urine.  Pet owners who struggle with breaking soiling habits need to understand this.  Having the ability to extract pet pheromones is the major added benefit of 180XT.  Finally you can break your pets re-soiling habits and reclaim your home.  Just,  1.Soak  2. Scrub  3. Blot

The steps to successfully using 180XT are as follows.  Watch the video’s below I found on YouTube.



Here are links to online retailers to purchase 180XT

Online Stores











Thanks for reading,

The Murphy Report.


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