Skunk Out of Luck

A few years ago, my father and I decided to take our lab Murphy for a walk to a lake for some practice retrieves with his duck dummy.  Parking in an empty lot that belonging to a closed mini mart, Murphy began acting extremely excited before we even parked the truck, I attributed this to his usual excitement for walks. The second we opened the truck Murphy took off nose to the ground only to reappear second later jumping in the back of the truck rolling around whimpering.  Confused, the words “what the” barely slipped from my mouth when an intense odor drilled my olfactory senses. Like a punching bag is to Mike Tyson, the powerful odor sent me sprawling a few feet just in time to watch a skunk peek out from around a trash can.  The white stripped devil seemed to taunt me with those beady little eyes as we exchanged glares in that chilly spring parking lot.      Murphy spent most of the walk rolling in the grass desperate to alleviate the smell and burning sensation from his face.  There was nothing we could do for him.  We had no way of getting rid of skunk smell.  Regular dog shampoo wouldn’t even put a dent in the smell.  Now anyone in a desperate rare skunk spray situation may just run to the store, purchase a few cans of tomato juice and douse the unfortunate victim.  However; my father decided against subjecting our dog to an old fashion tomato bath.   Dad’s truck, and the garage reeked for several weeks. We ended up just letting the dog and everything else air out.   That was a very pungent few weeks.

Hope this made you chuckle to start the week.

Get back to work before your boss sees you.

The Murphy Report.


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