Monday I wrote a story about my dog being skunk out of luck; well today’s story is slightly different.  Today we explore the side of luck that some pets seem to have.  The types of luck that keeps them alive in situations that make us shake our heads.  Honestly, my dog should be dead right now.   Not many dogs get run over by a car and live to tell the tale.

Back In late June we had a very hot stretch of weather here in the north east and unfortunately, my house is brick and was made in the 1920s. This means, ZERO air conditioning.  More or less, my house turns into a pizza oven during the summer.  As much as I dislike this, my dog has to hate it more.  Even though he spends most of his time outside, his thick black fur does not help in his battle to stay cool.   Murphy will lay on cool surfaces like the garage floor or any shade he can possibly find.  Being a creature of survival, murphy will get creative in order to fulfill his needs.  Unfortunately this nearly cost him his life.  Murphy will lay in the shade of the cars parked in the car of the driveway.  That’s fine, no problem, usually he is on his feet to greet us as soon as we walk out the door.  However; during the scorching stretch of weather we were having, murphy decided to seek the coolness to the pavement underneath my mom’s black Chevy traverse.  “I never saw him, a black dog under a black car on blacktop, he blended in well.”   Putting the car into reverse, my mother felt the back end of the car go  up, then heard a loud yelp.  “When it hit me that I was on top of the dog I screamed. I was running the dog over!” She told me later.  Carefully pulling forward, murphy promptly bolted for the safety of the garage.  My father and I were at work when we received a frantic call from my mother.  The only problem for us was, it was a Monday, not exactly the best time of the week to drop everything and leave the office for the vet.  Fortunately, once my mother settled down she was able to tell us that he was walking around a bit and seemed ok that maybe we could wait till later in the evening to go to the vet.  Not a minute later my brother calls saying, “Dude, the dog just crapped all over the garage floor in shock, you had better get home now!”    When the dust settled and a quick trip to the vet later, by some miracle he had no broken bones.  What had happened was, the place my mom’s tire had hit him was the soft spot in between his hips and his rib cage. What a miracle.  If the tire had hit an inch right or left, this could have been a totally different situation.  Surgery, medicine, vet bills, rehab, the whole shebang.  I count my luck stars on that one.  Although we could tell he was sore over the next few weeks,  the only real evidence was his scraped up underbelly which healed quickly after a few days by applying Canine Solutions.   Murphy is one lucky dog.  Does anyone else’s dog get way underneath their cars like that?

The Murphy Report

Product Profile- Canine Solutions

  • all natural,
  • multi-purpose
  • anti-bacterial,
  • anti-viral,
  • anti-fungal
  • promotes healing

Canine Solution for Dogs


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