If you read my post from Monday, “ Skunk Out of Luck’, you  will know that my dog was sprayed directly in the face by a skunk a few year ago.  In the aftermath that was the incredibly revolting smell, we had virtually no way to get rid of the skunk odor.   Instead we had to let the dog, garage, and the truck, air out for several weeks.  While shopping recently for my own pet, A product called Skunk Free by Earth’s Balance, caught my eye on the shelf.   I laughed, where this product was a few years ago?   On that Note I purchased the small 8oz bottle just in case.   No I didn’t go and purposely get my dog sprayed by a skunk but I did have a chance hear about Skunk Free in action.   My friend Paul has a chocolate lab and lives near a small wood lot and his dog was sprayed last spring.  Here is his testimonial

“After my dog Cassie was sprayed on the side of her face, I took an 8oz bottle out of my car from a sample pack and sprayed Cassie’s face liberally (using about 2/3rds of the bottle) and did not work it in like the directions indicated. Cassie thought it was great as she licked at the spray with her tongue. I walked away for few minutes and returned to absolutely NO skunk odor at all. I have no problem putting my personal guarantee on this product. It works great!” – Paul

How does it work?

Skunk Free is a powerful odor extractor which harnesses a blend of probiotics, not enzymes to work at the source of the smell.  Skunk Free does not creates a heavy scent mask or cover, instead, the unique feature of this skunk smell solution is its ability to remove the odor from its source. I’ve used Skunk Free on other odors around my house caused by my dog;  this spray is a powerful natural solution based product unlike anything I’ve ever seen truly seeking and destroying odors at the source.

Skunk Free can bought online or in Petco or Petsmart retail stores. Skunk Free for Dogs

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