Hey, start the week right and laugh a bit.  Here are a few animal/pet videos and my thoughts about them.

Uploaded by One World One Ocean on May 23,2012 with 358,637 views as of this morning. The laziest polar bear ever, reminds me of my uncle Phil.

3 things come  to mind.

1)      Is he having food coma from a seal he just ate?

2)      Shouldn’t he be eating or chasing the camera crew

3)      Where is the cola?


Cat regrets getting  into tub  uploaded by TheMrhero003 on Dec 20, 2011 and has 645,771 as of this morning.

So apparently this cat go curious and decided to test the water, its reaction made me laugh.

3 Things.

1)      I love at about 15 seconds the cat realizes his mistake

2)      Reminds me of a cartoon character trying to run

3)      This cat will never set foot again in that bathroom


Finally my favorite  video of the day involves poop, really immature I know…

Uploaded by brycehun on Oct 10, 2010, this video  has 4,655,236 views.

Setting, the Toronto zoo at the hippo exhibit

5 Things.

1)      I love how everyone reacts.

2)      Impressive evolutionary development with use of the tail.

3)      Why do things like this make us laugh?

4)      Do animals laugh at us if they catch us “in the act”

5)      I wish I could add fart sound waves to this video.




I hope you at least chuckled and this made your day a bit brighter.

Now get back to work before your boss sees you.

The Murphy Report


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  1. The polar bear was the best!!!
    He’s like, bahhh it’s Sunday, let me be, I just wanna toss and roll in here.

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