Today’s  review really takes me back to some fond memories.  As some of you may know, I have owned ferrets periodically throughout my life.  Their friendship, loyalty, and playfulness are more than enough for your daily cuteness overload.  I would spend countless hours romping around with them or just have them curled up in a ball on my lap sleeping as I watched TV.  These little critters are an absolute blast and I loved to reward their good behavior with treats a few times per day.

Bandit Treats by Marshalls were a favorite of my ferrets throughout the years.  Semi moist morsels high in fresh protein   and low in sugar made great rewards and healthy snacks.  The Bandit treat line has six different flavors: Original Chicken, Banana, Crunchy Tartar Control, Raisin, Meaty Bacon, and Peanut Butter.  Every ferret has their preference; my ferrets always loved the Meaty Bacon and Original Chicken   flavors perhaps because of their carnivorous instincts.  Anytime I shook the small treat pouches, my little balls of furry energy would quickly come running from any direction looking for the delectable treats.

In addition to being a great source of nutrition, I’d like to give some quick attention to the Tartar control treats.  These treats are really a three in one super combo.  A tasty treat, great nutrition and dental hygiene all in one treat. This treat is a great way to care for the health of your ferrets teeth.  I utilized the Crunchy Tartar Control Treats often.  They gave me a peace of mind that my ferret’s teeth were being taken care of properly.

I highly recommend these treats for all ferrets’ owners.  You don’t need to worry about what ferrets can and can’t have.  Ferrets adore these treats and are completely safe. Anyone that owns ferrets or is a new owner need to consider adding these treats to your daily feeding routine.

The Murphy Report


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