Ever seen a guy in a suit run in terror? I have, happened about six years ago when my puppy murphy was about three months old.  Even at three months old, Murphy had already grown to a formidable size and had developed two very distinct behaviors.  1) This yard is MY territory, and 2) No one gets near my family without my permission.  THis may be due to the fact that murphy was the boss of his liter, he was by far the biggest and strongest by far. His broad shoulders and stocky head, he looked like a small tank when we picked him out, I am not really sure why we picked him.  Regardless; I remember the day murphy became known as, the butt biter.  An early april day brought enjoyable mild weather opening up the opportunity to be outside after a very brutal winter.  People where coming out of their houses like fleas on an untreated dog, they where everywhere.  This also brought the arrival of street preachers walking up and down my road stoping at every house to have a little chat.  I do not remember if the two young men who knocked on our front door were Mormons or Jehova’s Whiteness, all I remember is that they were sporting some sweet looking suits.  There are two main entrances to my house, one is more decorative  with a stone walkway  which  we only use during family gatherings and holidays, the other is on the side of house which we use normally.  The loud cranky buzz of an outdated doorbell sounded through the house to which my mother promptly answered.  After talking with the two young gentlemen for a few minutes, they said their goodbyes and began walking down the driveway.  My mom turned to me with a look of horror,  “Where is the dog?”.   I had just began to wonder that myself when a black streak flew past window barking.  “Go get Murphy!” My mom yelled. It was too late.  The two young guys where trying desperately to run to the end of the drive way despite how awkward it must had felt being in suits.  Time seemed to slow down as Murphy closed in on the “intruders”  and nipped one right in the butt.  Mom opened the door to ask if the guy was ok, Murphy continued to bark, I was rolling on the ground out of breath I was laughing so hard.  Since then, we have never had any other street preachers come to our house ever.   I hope this wont effect my soul when I die.

The Murphy Report




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