How many of you have ridden horse? I have ridden while visiting several national parks.      Horses are incredible, a mixture of power and beauty, one must respect the animal but at the same time not be afraid  or they will dominate you.   Its interesting to look at those involved int he horse world,it is an entire culture within itself.  I once worked on a conservation crew out in california for a  month. In that month of rebuilding trails, we worked directly above a horse barn.  Everyday we watched as dozens of riders and trainers worked tirelessly to perfect their skills and grow the relationship with their animals.  Although the warm california temperatures made the place smell to high heavens, it was easily looked past as these majestic creatures trotted around the arena.    Once a horse got loose, walked through our campsite and used it as his bathroom.

I understand how people can so easily  fall in love with these creatures.  Each animal has its own personality which makes the owning experience that much more unique. I have some friends who actually just bought a stable in my home town, and I have several friends who study in the equestrian program at my school.  If I ever live out west on a ranch I’ll definitely own horses, a symbol of power, grace and freedom.





Todays product profile is related to horse care.

Stench Drench from Earth’s Balance is a powerful concentrate solution  which eliminates odors from stalls, and breaks down fecal matter.  Stench Drench is a natural based solution not an enzyme base, yet still has the power to knock out powerful odors.



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