Messy pets are something that bring us together as pet owners. We can share in our misery and enjoy a good laugh together about those experiences with their pet where they just destroy something or make a total mess.  I’ve seen pictures of destroyed couches,, drywall, pillows clothing, poop messes, you name it.  Here are two of my most fond pet mess memories.

We brought my puppy murphy home on saint Patricks day back in 2006.  We were thrilled to have such a cute little critter now living with us. Not wanting to leave murphy all alone his first night, my bother and I volunteered to stay up and sleep near the crate.  My father gave us specific instructions to take him out to go tot the bathroom every two hours or so. We were doing well until about 2:30 in the morning when we  both fell asleep.  When murphy stated barking again, my brain shut him out. I tried hard to stay asleep until suddenly it hit me.  Slightly panicked I jumped off the couch ran into the next room only to be hit by an invisible wall of smell.  Stooping low to look into the small crate I saw exactly what I had been hoping to avoid, poop.  I walked back to my brother and said, “Hey, the kid had a stinky, go clean it up.”   Why my brother just got up and actually cleaned up the mess with out an argument around three in the morning, is still a mystery.  Now this poop was not just any poop, it was not solid, it was an explosive mess smeared all over the new crate and bedding.  My brother had a camera and snapped this picture which he used to guilt me into things for a while afterward.

Our little poop monster wasn’t done there however.  a few months later, murphy had grown  yet was still a size he could fit into  small areas.  Since he was still small and cute  we would let him run around the kitchen freely.  This was our down fall. Several months later while my dad and I where cleaning the baseboards of the kitchen we made a startling discovery.  Underneath our kitchen table was a small area where two bench seats connect however leaving a small opening.  i am not really sure how long that poop had been sitting there but it must have been several months considering how petrified it was.  Dad and I sat back in amazement  laughing, all that time right under where we ate dinner and we had no idea.

So tell me, what is the worst mess your pet has ever made? I want to hear about them, I know there are some good stories out there.

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