Finally, there is Good Mews for cats!


Part of owning a pet is responsibility right? Responsibility to ensure their health and safety to enjoy a  long and happy life. In addition I find responsibility in taking care of the earth on which they traverse.  I always look for earth friendly products because of this desire to be a responsible steward of not just my pet but also our planet.  With this in mind I’d like to show case a new cat product which is not only highly effective  but is also environmentally responsible.


Earth’s Balance Pet Products now offer a clean, simple and environmentally responsible   solution for cat litter, Good Mews.  Good Mews  cat litter is made from recycled paper gathered from recycling sites all over the country, and pelletized into highly absorbent litter.  Just knowing that Good Mews is first off made from a recycled bi-product peaks my interest as a steward of the land.  I love seeing these  kind of products available to consumers. Ok so great, its environmentally friendly but does it preform? Is it effective enough to absorb moisture and tough odors from cats?  Due to the construction of the litter pellets  and its compacted paper fibers, Good Mews is able to hold up to four times the moisture than other traditional cat litters such as clay.   The paper fibers expand, trapping  and holding the disgusting odors from cat waste.    Good Mews is extremely easy to scoop and is by far less messy than other leading cat litters.


Good Mews is an excellent choice for both kittens and cats and is available  in 10 and 22 pound bags.  Experience the premium quality difference of recycled paper pellet  cat litter by  utilizing Good Mews in your home.    Good Mews, responsible for your pet, responsible for the earth.

Good Mews can Be purchased in stores or through various online retailers



The Murphy Report.


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