My take on the L.A. Commercial Ban.


Tuesday, the city council committee of Los Angeles approved a proposed ordinance which make sit illegal to buy commercially bred pets from pet stores. ( This proposal will now go in front of the full council)  According to the committee , dogs, cats and rabbits will no longer be allowed to be sold from commercial breeders.  Only dogs, cats and rabbits sold for profit will be able to come from shelters or humane society.   Advocates of the ordinance say the need for the ban is two fold.  First they claim the mistreatment of animals kept behind the glass at pet shops. Secondly, they are concerned due to the number of animals at shelters that cannot find home and unfortunately have to be put down.  Tens of thousands of dogs and cats have to be put down every year dude to over crowding  in shelters.  The goal of this ordinance is to shift the demand for pets from the stores to the shelters in order to help deserving animals find a home. Pet stores in the L.A. area would have to show proof that the animals that are for sale in their shops are coming from shelters and not commercial breeders.  This rule has not been passed by the full council.


My Take


The idea is understandable, it makes sense on the part of  alleviating pressure on shelters.  Taking animals that are just sitting there and giving them a better chance to find homes, and lowering the rate of animals that have to be put down.  that makes sense, on paper.  Where I see this being a problem is with actual consumers.  Consumers that want to buy a purebred animal will just buy online, through a local breeder or even go to a different county to make their purchase.  Some consumers may like the idea of buying a shelter animal others may not. Ive seen a lot of times that the consumer wants to know the health and genetic back ground of an animal especially in dogs.  People looking for this information may be wary of buying an animal from a shelter.  In addition I see this as potentially harmful for commercial breeders.  This is probably not the worst thing to happen in the world but it will impede commerce for sure.


The idea behind this ordinance like many things looks good on paper, however like everything, only time will tell if there is a long term benefit.


The Murphy Report.



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