Hey, I hope everyone had a good weekend, I sure did. Now that it is back to Monday morning it is once again to get started on the right paw for the week by giving you some videos to watch.


1) Dogs doing funny things Uploaded by skyline3123 on October 30, 2008 and currently has 195,087 views.  This compilation of clips featuring mans best friend as his funniest really made me laugh.


Favorite clips in the video were

1) the very first one of the little dog peeing on the big dog.

2) At 49 seconds of the dog going air born jumping off the slide then knocking the kid over

3) The Very last clip of the big dog knocking the kid into the flooded yard.




Ft86tt uploaded this insane video on May 12, 2011 with well over 1 million views and may very well be on of the most shocking videos I’ve ever seen.  I’ve scared my share or rabbits  out from under bushes and such over the years however; what happens in this video is quite  incredible.

3 Things

1) Why the rabbit chose a garbage bag to hid in I have no idea.

2) This gives a new meaning to getting the crap scared out of you.

3) No need to scream girls it won’t hurt you.


Final video of the morning come from   on Nov 3, 2009 Best of’ clips for BBC Walk on the Wild Side.  featuring animal clips with voice overs.

Favorite clips

1) At 30 seconds the chipmunk beat boxing, am I the only one who has ever pictured this before?

2)The following clips of the monkeys and how the mother monkey chucks the little one.

3)At 1:45 seconds, we may all have seen this clip somewhere but is funny every time.

4) I burst out laughing during the meercat video listen for the zipper

5) Eagles, they look like every college kid during finals week


Hope you hada good laugh, now dont get caught by your boss.


The Murphy Report


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