For those of you who do not know, Thursday, August 30 is Holistic Pet Day.  This day is not just a celebration but also a day of making commitments to giving our pets natural solutions for healthy living.  I Recently read a great article on ten ways to clebrate Holistic Pet Day, on halo Here is the link to the article by Dr Donna Spector ,

I want to focus on the two ways that I make the commitment to my pet to give him the best natural options for a healthier life.  Int he afore mentioned article, numbers 9 and 10 are the two ways I think are some of the most important things all pet parents can do to enhance their pets quality of life. Use natural grooming products, and attempt to live chemical free.  By adopting these two ideas we create a cleaner environment  not just around our pets but by what we cleanse them with.  This is a large reason  I decided to utilize Earth’s Balance Pet Products for my grooming and first aid support needs.  I choose to use these products not because of the name or who may endorse the product, but because of the ingredients  in each of the products and the idea of using holistic natural solutions for my pet needs.

Like many consumers, I like to know what I am buying and dig deeper to obtain a full understanding of each and every item.  Thanks to the power of the internet  this is easier than ever.  I’ve done my homework on the Earth’s Balance line and this is what Ive found.  Earth’s Balance products utilize electrolyzed oxidizing water as a main ingredient which is actually more a lot more effective and powerful than most people realize.  Essentially this is water that has been restructured with electricity changing the ORP (oxidation reduction potential).  This now mean the water has become acidic and  lacks electrons.  This solution now has the ability to destroy bacteria and harmful micro organisms by robbing  them of their electrons, killing them within seconds!   This is why I keep a bottle of Canine Solutions in my pet supplies box.  I have an outdoor dog who get cut up all the time and this gives me peace of mind to know he will be ok from bacteria.   According to my research, Electrolyzed oxidizing water has been used  extensively in the orient over the last quater century and is only now becoming more readily available due to efficient  processing.    Like I said, the base ingredient in Earth’s Balance line of grooming and first aid support is this incredible ingredient. Each product then varies with other organic solutions depending on which pet problem it targets, itching, dandruff, open wounds and even lawn burns.


This is how I’ve have made a commitment to my pet to give hime a holistic and chemical free life buy utilizing Earth’s Balance.  In the spirit of Holistic pet day I encourage you to make the same commitment  to your pet, because they are worth it!

Happy Holistic Pet Day Everyone.

The Murphy Report.


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